Monjur’s Contracts-as-a-Service Solution Helps IT Service Providers Navigate Changing Legislation

Southlake, Texas – With new comprehensive laws on privacy about to go into effect in Colorado and Connecticut, IT service providers are struggling with the increasingly complex landscape of data privacy. To assist these companies with this complex issue, Monjur has created an innovative Contracts-as-a-Service solution that simplifies customer contract management while actively monitoring and responding to privacy legislation changes.

Effective July 1, 2023, Colorado’s Privacy Act and Connecticut’s Act Concerning Consumer Privacy join the rapidly expanding field of state-level data privacy laws. These laws impose new requirements and responsibilities on businesses, with particular emphasis on IT service providers that handle large amounts of consumer data.

“Monjur understands the challenges that the evolving legal requirements are presenting,” says Rob Scott, Chief Innovation Officer at Monjur. “That’s why we’ve developed our Contracts-as-a-Service solution for IT service providers. Our solution not only takes the headaches out of customer contract management but also ensures that our client’s data processing agreements are always up-to-date and aligned with the latest privacy laws.”

Providing assurance to IT service providers through Monjur’s Contracts-as-a-Service is paramount to staying in compliance. Given the fast-moving nature of the legislative process at times and the need for understanding what these legislative changes mean, having a service in place such as the one Monjur provides is invaluable. Scott understands the importance of freeing client’s to focus on their core business while Monjur handles the complexity of these ever-changing privacy laws.

About Monjur 

Monjur is a leading expert in providing Contracts-as-a-Service solutions, specifically designed for IT managed service providers. Their SAAS- enabled legal solution is based on industry-leading templates, customized to each client, to ensure that MSP’s always have the latest protections and are legally compliant.With the rapidly evolving legal landscape concerning privacy laws and regulations, Monjur assists IT businesses in adapting to these laws through their integrated approach regarding contract management and legal compliance.

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