Mastering MSAs and SLAs

A comprehensive MSA will protect your MSP business by laying out the ground rules for a customer partnership, while an SLA establishes the operational and transactional details.
By James E. Gaskin

THE HANDSHAKE may seal the deal, but the master service agreement (MSA) defines the relationship between you and your new client. Before signing your next customer, make sure your MSA and accompanying service level agreement (SLA) are complete, error-free, and limit your liability while providing flexibility to grow the customer partnership as technology changes…

Rob Scott, managing partner and chief disruption officer of tech law firm Scott & Scott LLP, says his firm’s MSAs, offered as a service to MSPs for a monthly subscription, include a data processing agreement before working with any regulated documents. This covers XYZ, because ”what if I make a security request the client doesn’t follow?”

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