How Two Tech Lawyers In Their 50s Revolutionized Legal Services

To most people, your fifties are a time when things are winding down. Retirement is in sight, and many have reached the pinnacle of their careers. However, it was in their fifties that two tech lawyers decided to upend client legal protections and create a revolutionary legal service. Monjur is a cloud-based contracts-as-a-service program that gives managed service providers (MSPs) better protection from the increased cybersecurity and ransomware risks that have come with ever-changing technology.

Robert Scott is the “Chief Innovator” behind Monjur. He has built Monjur as a SaaS enabled legal service that provides online customer contracting solutions for IT Managed Services and Cloud solution providers. In a legal industry often reluctant to change or adapt to technology changes, Scott has helped usher in a new era of legal service.

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