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Insurance Obligations and Limitation of Liability in MSAs

Master Services Agreements (MSAs) serve as the cornerstone of operational clarity between Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their clients. This comprehensive guide is intended for MSP owners. We’ll clarify the strategic role of insurance and the limitation of liability clauses within our industry leading templates offered through our contracts-as-a-service solution. Together, these components create a […]

How to Navigate the Regulatory Labyrinth as an MSP

In the ever-changing landscape of data privacy, staying up-to-date with regulations is not only beneficial—it’s crucial. Managed service providers (MSPs) bear the responsibility of ensuring their practices align with evolving state, federal, and international laws. In recent years, we’ve seen a dramatic surge in state-level data privacy laws, creating an increasingly complex regulatory framework for […]

Non-Hiring Clauses in MSP’s Master Services Agreements

When considering your costumer contracts, the gravity of one particular clause in your Master Services Agreements (MSAs) cannot be overstated – the non-hiring clause. Allow me to elucidate why this clause is legally indispensable and how it fortifies the contractual backbone of your operations. Request A Consultation Guarding Your Human Capital Your employees are the […]

The Importance of Data Processing Terms in Managed Services Provider Contracts: A Lawyer’s Perspective

In the digital age, businesses rely heavily on managed services providers (MSPs) to handle their data processing needs efficiently and securely. However, the evolving landscape of data privacy laws, both at the federal and international levels, necessitates careful consideration of data processing terms in customer contracts. From HIPAA and GLBA to CMMC, GDPR, and Canada’s […]

Mitigating Vendor Risks as an MSP with Contracts-as-Service Solution

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), your clients entrust you with a crucial responsibility: ensuring the security and smooth operation of their IT systems. This responsibility extends to the vendors that provide the software, hardware, and services vital to these systems. Vendor risk management, thus, becomes a critical aspect of your role. Federal regulations, such […]

The Importance of Vendor Risk Management

Request A Consultation Vendor risk management has become an increasingly important aspect of IT management, especially for MSPs who are trusted by their clients to ensure the safety and security of their systems. This task includes carefully scrutinizing and managing the vendors who provide the software, hardware, and services that support these systems. The Role […]

How MSPs Benefit from Using Browser Wrap Agreements

As an MSP, you may be familiar with the challenges of getting clients to sign contracts and other legal agreements. One of the key strategies for streamlining customer contracting is the use of browser wrap agreements.  Once your client signs the initial agreement, it agrees to future updates to the terms and conditions without the […]

How MSPs Can Manage Vendor Risk

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), managing vendor risks is a critical aspect of your job. Your clients rely on you to ensure that their IT systems are secure and running smoothly, which means you must carefully vet and manage the vendors that provide the software, hardware, and services that support those systems.  Such vendor […]

How MSPs can Collapse Sales and Contracting Processes into One Online Step

As MSPs strive to streamline their sales and contracting processes, many are turning to online contract management solutions that allow them to quickly and efficiently generate contracts, obtain electronic signatures, and manage the entire contract lifecycle. Request A Consultation One key feature of these solutions is the ability to incorporate terms and conditions by reference. […]

How MSPs Can Avoid Uncovered Claims

Why MSP’s Should Align the Indemnity Section of the MSA with the Wrongful Act Definition in the Insurance Policy When entering into an IT services contract, it’s important to make sure that the indemnity provision in the contract aligns with the definition of a wrongful act in a professional liability insurance policy. This alignment can […]