Is it Time to Tear Up Your Master Service Agreement?

MSPs have been using contracts for many years to structure and codify their managed services relationships with clients. One of the tools MSPs have been using quite effectively in the last 10-15 years is the master service agreement (MSA).

As MSAs have been more frequently employed in managed services relationships, there is undeniable change occurring in the MSP profession and specifically how MSA are being implemented during the sales process. MSP use of quoting tools, proposal generation, and obtaining signatures, are all forcing change within the sales process, ultimately challenging how we use MSAs.

Today’s MSP Zone guest is Rob Scott, lawyer and partner with Scott & Scott LLP, a Texas based law firm specializing in cloud and managed services law, among other areas. Rob presents a new model for utilizing MSAs for the modern day MSP. One of the most significant changes to the MSA and how it is used by MSPs is the practice of putting it online. MSP Zone discusses the risks and benefits of uploading your MSA, what needs to change in order to accomplish this goal, and how it could benefit your sales process.

MSP Zone Guest: Rob Scott, partner at Scott & Scott, LLP