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Through Monjur, IT Businesses Can Streamline Customer Contracting and Ensure Legal Compliance

The company is delivering innovative Contracts-as-a-Service solutions.

Southlake, Texas – In response to a global demand for its customer contracting platform for IT services firms, Scott & Scott, LLP is thrilled to announce the creation of a separate entity, Monjur, focused on delivering innovative Contracts-as-a-Service solutions.

This move allows Monjur to concentrate on its mission of helping IT service providers navigate complexities of contract management and legal compliance in an era of escalating privacy regulations. Monjur combines the monthly recurring services model with the latest advancements in technology, offering unprecedented efficiency and scale for legal services.
Robert Scott, Chief Innovation Officer with Monjur, compares the shift in the industry to previous technology transformations. “Just as the typewriter gave way to word processing and the fax machine yielded to emails, As-a-Service platforms represent the next big thing in legal technology.”

The spinoff of Monjur comes at a pivotal time, with states like Colorado and Connecticut enacting comprehensive privacy laws effective from July 1, 2023. Such laws present new challenges for businesses, particularly IT service providers handling substantial amounts of consumer data.

Scott adds, “Our Contracts-as-a-Service solution, now delivered through Monjur, offers the assurance that IT service providers need. It frees them to focus on their core business while we handle the complexities of the ever-changing privacy laws.”

About Monjur:
Monjur is a first mover in providing Contracts-as-a-Service solutions, specifically designed for IT managed service providers. Their SAAS- enabled legal solution is based on industry-leading templates, customized for each client, and periodically updated to ensure that MSP’s always have the latest protections and are legally compliant. With the rapidly evolving legal landscape concerning privacy laws and regulations, Monjur assists IT businesses in adapting to these laws through their integrated approach regarding contract management and legal compliance.

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