CAAS Solution Ensures Comprehensive Legal Protections for MSPs

In today’s ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, managed service providers (MSPs) are continually navigating a sea of new challenges. Clients depend on MSPs not just for the latest technologies but also for their expertise in implementing sound security measures. However, the responsibility of MSPs should not extend to liability when clients fail to follow these crucial recommendations. Ensuring MSPs are legally protected in these scenarios is of paramount importance, and this is precisely where our Contracts-as-a-Service solution comes into play.

Innovative Solutions: Contracts-as-a-Service

Our Contracts-as-a-Service solution offers MSPs a dynamic, always-updated approach to contractual agreements. This innovative offering means that you never have to worry about outdated or inadequate legal protections. Our team of expert attorneys continuously monitor legal trends and industry shifts, ensuring that our MSP clients always have the most comprehensive and relevant contractual protections in place.

Critical Updates: Protecting MSPs from Client Missteps

A recent critical update in our MSA templates exemplifies the value of our Contracts-as-a-Service solution. We introduced a clause explicitly stating that the MSP may offer recommendations about regulatory compliance, safety, and security related to the client’s network and practices, but the ultimate responsibility for implementing these recommendations lies with the client.

The new clause reads:

“Although it is under no obligation to do so, from time to time, Provider may make recommendations regarding regulatory compliance, safety, and security related to Client’s network and practices (e.g., multi-factor authentication). If Client fails to adopt or implement the recommended protocols, Client is responsible for any and all damages related to regulatory, security, privacy, or data protection, including but not limited to fines, data breach notification, malware or ransomware costs, restoration, forensic investigation, restoring backups, or any other costs or damages related to Client’s refusal to implement the recommended protocols.”

This clause mitigates the risk of liability for the MSP if a client fails to follow security recommendations and suffers a security breach or regulatory violation. It’s an example of the necessary legal adaptations MSPs must make in the face of evolving cybersecurity threats and changing client behaviors.

Always Ahead: Your Legal Protections Updated

Our Contracts-as-a-Service solution is not just about giving you contractual protections—it’s about evolving those protections in tandem with industry developments and trends. You can trust us to identify, understand, and implement necessary adjustments, providing you with peace of mind, knowing that your legal protections are always up to date and comprehensive.

In a complex and ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, MSPs must stay one step ahead. Our Contracts-as-a-Service solution ensures that your legal protections are as dynamic and adaptable as the services you offer to your clients. By entrusting your contractual needs to us, you’re securing a partnership dedicated to safeguarding your MSP from unnecessary legal risks.