How to Migrate Your Existing Customers to Monjur’s Contracts-as-a-Service

A Moment of Truth in a Peer Group

During a recent peer group session with Rob Scott, Chief Innovator at Monjur, and a gathering of MSPs, Rob posed a simple question: “Who here was worried about implementing our agreements for fear of your existing clients’ reaction?” Every hand in the room went up. Rob then said, “Keep your hands up if this was an actual issue you encountered during implementation.”

Every hand went down.

This moment highlighted a significant point: resistance to change is often more of a mental block than a practical issue. If you’ve been hesitant to implement Monjur’s Contracts-as-a-Service, read on to understand how to make the process as seamless as possible.

What is Monjur?

Monjur delivers enterprise-level, comprehensive legal agreements designed specifically for SMBs in the Managed Services field. Our service is designed to offer market protections typically reserved for large enterprises.

Effective Strategies for Implementing Monjur

Always Include Monjur’s Exhibit A in New Quotes

Ensure that Monjur’s Exhibit A is included in all new quotes sent to existing clients. This offers a smooth pathway to transition clients onto the updated contracts.

Key Opportunities for Implementation

  1. Leverage Additional Service Requests

When existing clients require new services, include Monjur’s Exhibit A in your proposals. This will facilitate a seamless transition to the new contracts.

  1. Use User and Endpoint Changes as Catalysts

If a client is already making changes, such as adding new users or shifting operational endpoints, it’s an excellent opportunity to include Monjur’s Exhibit A in the new proposal.

  1. Handle Price Conversations Tactfully

Whenever there’s a discussion about price changes, take this opportunity to incorporate Monjur’s Exhibit A. Offer clients access to these agreements within the proposals but avoid making them the focal point.

  1. Sync with Tech Upgrades

Whenever you recommend tech upgrades, especially those related to cyber risk mitigation, include Monjur’s Exhibit A in the proposal.

  1. Lookout for Renewals

Always keep an eye on upcoming renewals as these present the easiest opportunities to include Monjur’s Exhibit A and transition the client to the new contracts.

Overcoming Resistance

Most clients resist change due to fear of the unknown. By seizing the right opportunities, and as evidenced by the peer group discussion, you can alleviate their concerns and make the transition as smooth as possible.