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Guiding Your AI Journey: Essential Questions Every MSP Should Ask Clients

AI is the next big thing in IT services for the SMB market. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) play a pivotal role in helping businesses navigate new technologies. However, many MSPs are still formulating their strategies on how best to incorporate AI into their service offerings. To address this, it’s crucial for MSPs to understand and […]

7 Vital AI-Specific Contract Provisions for Managed Services Providers

As the landscape of business services continues to evolve, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into managed services is becoming increasingly prevalent. With this integration comes a unique set of challenges and considerations that both service providers and their clients must address in their contractual agreements. In this article, we’ll delve into seven crucial AI-specific […]

How SaaS-Enabled, AI-Powered Platforms Are Transforming Legal Services

Discover how innovative AI tools and SaaS-enabled platforms transform the legal services industry. Robert Scott, co-founder and chief innovator of Monjur, writes about how businesses are embracing digital transformation. The legal service industry is not exempt; AI is now driving changes and introducing new solutions with significant implications. Read full article at spiceworks.com.

Mitigating Risks for MSPs – Monjur

Julian Lee discussed with Rob Scott, Co-Founder of Monjur about the increasing complexity of legal issues in the tech world, especially in relation to cyber insurance and breach incident response. He provided background on his company, Monjur, and its focus on risk mitigation and streamlining customer contracting for managed service providers. Watch the eChannelNews podcast.

Navigating the tech-legal landscape

Robert Scott, Chief Innovator at Monjur, provides a cloud-enabled, AI-powered legal services platform allowing law firms to offer long-term recurring revenue services and unlock the potential of their legal templates and other firm IP. Read the full article at dailyjournal.com.

Top 10 Emerging Entrepreneurs of 2023

Every year, thousands of people decide to strike out and start their own businesses. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, however, and it takes a certain level of drive and dedication to choose to be an entrepreneur. These 10 individuals have taken their ideas and formed businesses that seek to revolutionize industries, solve […]

Monjur: How This Contracts-As-A-Service Solutions Company Is Disrupting A $30 Billion Market

Monjur is a company that offers Contracts-as-a-Service solutions specifically designed for IT-managed service providers. Pulse 2.0 interviewed Monjur co-founder Robert Scott to learn more. “Our goal with Monjur was to create a more effective and efficient way for our clients to receive the comprehensive legal protections their businesses need to succeed and scale.” Read full […]

Monjur and Chief Innovator Robert Scott Receive Best New Solution Award at ChannelPro SMB Forum 2023

Monjur, a leader in Contracts-as-a-Service legal solutions, is currently shaping the future of managed services and cloud industry solutions. Now, Monjur, along with their Chief Innovator Robert Scott, has received accolades for their forward thinking, collecting the Best New Solution Award at the ChannelPro SMB Forum 2023. “Being awarded the Best New Solution of 2023 is a […]

The Future of Law: Why You Need to Embrace AI in Your Legal Practice

In this episode of Mentors Collective: CEO Interviews with host Jay Feldman, we sit down with Robert Scott, founder of Manjar, a legal technology company focused on integrating AI into law firms. Get ready to discover how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the legal field and learn about the challenges and opportunities it presents for young […]

California’s Delete Act: What CIOs, CDOs, Businesses Need to Know

With passage of the Delete Act, data brokers now face some of the toughest requirements yet. But does the new law have teeth? According to Texas-based technology attorney Robert Scott, businesses “get a little bit nervous when government starts to take actions that look like heavy regulatory involvement and a slippery slope. Everybody agrees that […]